Welcome to "All Purpose Trailers" website . Have a good look as there are so many variances of trailers available to choose from to suit your needs .

We can custom fit any configuration that you may require e.g. trailer type/ size /cage /heights/ ramps/ ladder racks/ etc.
When comparing be sure to check the specifications to make sure you are comparing "apples" for "apples" .

Our adverts are written with as much specification information as possible so you can make sure you are well informed and able to compare and make the right choice to suit your needs .

The trailer business is a price competitive market and our prices are set very sharp.

For the people that want to buy a $3000 trailer for $1500 because there is $2900 profit in every trailer this is not the site for you.

We don't have a factory or a shop front as such nor do WE want one , We are keeping the over heads to a minimum to keep competitive .
Mostly internet sales with free delivery to a radius of 3hr CIRCLE drive from Reedy Creek Gold Coast yes you are welcome to come see and measure up kick the tyres 7 days a week by appointment only please call tex or email only to happy to help .

* ALL OUR TRAILERS COME WITH 3 MONTHS [ COMMERCIAL USE ] TO 12 MONTHS structural manufacturers warranty

WARRANTY repairs are to be returned to and completed in our factory

* All OUR trailers comply with Australian design rules (ADR?s) 1989

* Fitted with compliance plate and Vin number ready for rego

We can also custom make any type of trailer usually With in a 7 -10 day turn around

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE "TRAILER PAY " - PAYMENT PLANS MADE EASY - we can put you in direct contact if you CALL tex or email for details


mob ; 0414966688

Cheers David Borg
Happy Hunting